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The company is specialized in strategic consultation, in particular for small and medium enterprises, through identification of the characteristics of the competitive system in which they operate, analysis of their specific skills and control of the coherence of their effective position on the market.
The consultant's task is to stimulate the entrepreneur to reflect upon the combination of competitive skills, and to ensure that, under the pressure of the need to deal with many immediate problems every day, he may fail to observe the medium and long-term development of his business.
The company has its headquarters in Prato and its clients are located throughout Italy.
In June 2003, the company obtained certification by BVQI for its management system, found to conform with the requisites of the standard ISO 9001:2000 with regard to the following sectors:

Strategic consultation, strategic marketing and international development of enterprise;

Consultation for operations of relaunching and valorization of system areas, business associations and the public administration.
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